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Float Orange

Make A booking using your float orange gift voucher



Someone who thinks you're pretty cool wants to give you the opportunity to soothe your body and calm your mind. They've essentially given you the gift of time and now we want to help you find the right time to enjoy your time!


Because you're using a gift voucher, your session has already been paid for so you won't be required to pay a deposit.


Please follow the following steps so we can help yopu organise this.


1. Click on the bookings button below.


2. If you're not already registered in our online booking system, please enter your name, phone number and email address and choose an easy to remember password. 


3. See what float times are available.


4. Immediately text 04888CHIRO (0488824476) or message us through the Float Orange Facebook page and provide us with your name, your float voucher code and your preferred float time and day. We'll get back to you during normal business hours to confirm your selected session time. Of course, if you wish to book online to immediately to secure a great session time, you can pay the deposit. But ... we'll refund this to you in cash when you arrive for your float.


Please ensure you choose a floatation session time and date that you can definitely attend AND save the time and date in your phone calendar or diary once we confirm this for you.




Ben and Mick

Float Orange  

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