Float Orange      38 Forbes Rd, Orange NSW 2800        ph: (02) 6362 1288

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The more  you float ... the less you pay

Your first one-hour float session with us is just $85 and all you need bring is ... you, because we provide you with all toiletries, towels and facilities (including peace and quiet) you'll need..


If you're like so many of our other guests who's first floating experience is at Float Orange, you'll want to float again ... and again ... and again ... so ...


...we're delighted to help you to get into the habit of floating regularly by offering our exclusive reduced price float loyalty program.



Here's how it works:


When you first float with us, you'll receive your float loyalty card that provides reduced cost floats

over the ensuing 12 month period. Present your card to us on your second visit and you'll save $19 on this float. And on your third float visit, you'll save $29.


Over the course of 12 months, if you float every 4 weeks the average cost of your floats is reduced to less than $47. In fact, by floating every 4 weeks you'll be able enjoy your last two floats for the year for free! 

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